Hardscapes Materials for Outdoor Living Spaces


Hardscapes: Outdoor living has become ever more popular these days, and there are several options for creating an attractive and comfortable environment.

An outdoor living space is typically described as a patio or deck that is accessible through french or sliding patio doors from the kitchen or dining area. The space is typically created through the use of individual pavers or concrete, but other materials such as wood or composite decking can beĀ  used.

These outdoor living areas get a lot of foot traffic, so the surface is intended to protect grass, flowers and other plants that could be damaged by the wear and tear. An outdoor living area is often used as a summer kitchen with a grill and picnic table, and works to create an enjoyable area for entertaining or family cookouts. Some people install their patio or deck between their home and a swimming pool, and waterproof seating in the area is useful to prevent swimmers heading indoors while still dripping.

Most homeowners like to enhance their patio or deck with flowering shrubs, bushes and flower gardens

Hardscape materials such as bricks, stone or concrete can be used to build planters around the perimeter of their outdoor living space. Stamped or stained concrete is much more attractive than just plain concrete in these applications. Water features such as fountains and ponds also help to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere where family members can read or just enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

Hardscape materials are also useful for driveways, sidewalks and paths around the home

In addition, retaining walls that help to control water flow and erosion are often built of stone or interlocking blocks. Some people use stone or interlocking bricks to build low walls around any large trees on their property. These walls protect the base of the tree from being damaged when the lawn is mowed, and grass does not typically grow well in the shad of a large tree anyway. Flowering plants such as hosta lilies that do well in the shade can be planted within the space, and they add a lot of curb appeal to the landscape.

Many homeowners use hardscape materials to build planters in front of their home, and these are especially attractive when they appear to be created from the same stone that is used on the home. A landscaping theme that uses stone or bricks that echo the material used on the facade of the home is very attractive. The theme could even include a gated entry to the drive that uses the same material to build the gate posts.

While many homeowners are able to complete home improvement projects that use stone, pavers and brick, these materials are heavy and difficult to handle. For most people, the best approach to creating a beautiful landscape accentuated with brick and stone is to contact a local landscape contractor. Seeking professional advice and help is always the best course of action, and having the job done properly will likely be worth the expense.